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  Davis Corners Auction Service LLC was founded by Dan Hershberger in 2001. In his growing up years, Dan had always enjoyed mimicking other auctioneers. He decided to give it a try at a public auction and was surprised how easy and natural it seemed. It did not take long for the word to get out and his sideline auction business (then Chester Auction Company) soon grew into a more than full time job! His sons, Andrew and Samuel, are also auctioneers for the company. Together they work hard to make the Auction experience a rewarding one for both the buyer and the seller!! 
    Most of our auctions are held at 
Davis Corners Auction Center at 14225 Hwy 9, Lime Springs, IA (Map). Everyone is seated and items are brought in front of the crowd and represented and sold. Lunch is served from a certified kitchen by Dan's wife Anna "Anna's Diner". Anna's baking will keep you coming back just for the food!! She serves brats, burgers, and lots of homemade pies, doughnuts, bars, and more. 

   Davis Corners Auction Center is a climate controlled building with the capability of running two rings indoors and has seating available to make the day enjoyable! Bring a friend, grab a coffee and a homemade doughnut from the kitchen, sit back, RELAX, and enjoy the day!! We do move right along while we are selling items- so keep your eye on that piece you want to buy!!  We appreciate all our customers and are here to make the
"tried and true auction method" a relaxing and an enjoyable one for everyone!!

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